Importance of Cartridge Alignment

Cartridge Alignment

Cartridge alignment basically allow you to maximise the performance on your turntable, tonearm and how good your records can sound.

How important is it ?

It is just as important as a upgrading your cartridge or turntable. The benefits of better tracking as the record grooves get denser toward the middle, better stereo separation will be.

Installing a Cartridge


Attached cartridge body to the tonearm head shell. Tonearm head shells typically contain either slots or holes through which screws may be passed into the cartridge body. Slotted head shells allow for the position of the cartridge to be adjusted for correct alignment.


Once the cartridge is attached to the head shell, connect the fine color - coded tonearm wires to the corresponding color - coded pins on the back of the cartridge body.

While connecting the tonearm wires to the cartridge pins, always handle the wires with great care – they are fragile and can be damaged by surprisingly little force. Grab the small metal cartridge clips which terminate the tonearm wires using a pair of tweezers (never grab the tonearm wires themselves!), and guide the clips onto the cartridge pins.

Weight Tracking

Good record playing requires stylus to good contact with the walls of the record groove.

The question is, how much downward force should be applied so that the stylus will neither lose contact with the groove wall as it traces the path of the groove, nor fail to faithfully follow the path of the groove due to excessive downforce?

Answer :