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1. Stocks arrive direct from factory. 

2. All latest products and Colour choices available for order

    Pick and choose any colour in any quantity and have us ship to        you right at your doorstep

3. Cartridge Alignment checks done by HOT

    All turntables are individually aligned by our staff and all you          have to do is plug and play!

4. Tracking force setting by HOT

    We ensure that the sound quality of your turntable is not                compromised by making sure everything is in TIP TOP condition      when you receive your product

5. Warranty and repairs by HOT 

    All PRO-JECT products and accessories have 1-year local 

    warranty from the date of delivery.

6. Get your 'equipment' orders delivered to your home.

    Delivery is entirely free-of-charge and fuss free, no hidden               costs.

7. Live order tracking updates

    Track orders in real-time and easily.

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