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• Easy tio use high quality audio reproduction from SD cards, USB sticks and USB hard drives  
• “Plug and Play” without PC or Mac
• New wall plug power supply also gives power to USB hard drives
• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)
• High contrast 1,0” LCD display
• Album/Title/Playlist read-out from display
• Random/Shuffle Play
• IR remote
• Excellent sound quality from digitally stored media
• High quality DA-conversion on board
• Digital coax out (RCA) for usage with even better DACs
• Extremely low jitter
• Massive metal casework

Media Box S

  • Most music lovers want to listen their digitally stored music collection wthout the need of switching on a computer. That is why  

    Media Box S is the solution! Fast and easy music access with 3-buttons on front of Media Box S or remote!  

    High contrast display shows shows all essential details of playlists, artist, album, track.  

    >>> Media Box S makes your favourite music a perfect sound experience!  

  • Supported audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC, data rate > 384kbps, VBR support
    Digital output SPDIF coaxial (RCA)
    Analogue output very low noise (100 dB)
    DAC 24/96 upsampling, ultra low Jitter
    SD input up to 32 GB
    USB input High speed 2.0,24/96
    Clock mode synchronous
    Metal casework silver or black faceplate
    RCA socket gold plated
    Wall plug power supply included
    Dimensions 103 x 38 x 115mm (WxHxD)
    Weight 610 g without power sipply
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