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• Especially for use with audio equipment  
• Spaces between outlets for bigger power supplies
• No sound degradation through filters or overload protection
• Magnetically shielding through 0,8mm metal casing
- Fireproof treatment with improved cooling
• Available with 4 or 6 AC outlets (EU, UK, France-CZ, US)
• High-quality AC-outlets (nickel-plated brass)
• Maximum continuous current 16 ampere
• High quality inner cabling (2,5mm²), crimped not soldered
• Standard 1,5m Power cord supplied
• Handmade in EC

Connect-it Power 4 & 6way 16A

  • Just pure power transmission with best connectivity and magnetic shielding!  

    “Connect-it Power 16A” power strips are built to make best possible connection between a hifi system and mains power.  

    No filtering or overload protection inside. This successfully avoids any sound degradation through inferior components and guarantees pure high power mains transmission. Each power strip is equipped with a high power input connector C20 and 4 or 6 nickel-plated brass mains outlets. A full metal body leaves no chance for electromagnetic interferences. Every power strip has its own C20 plug, that allows use of power cords with desired length.  

    Optional a special high-grade 16A power cable made from pure copper is available in 4 different lengths.  


    Most audiophile power strips use 10A connection, but you will need 16A to fully enjoy the real potential of equipment and high grade power cabling!  

  • Technical specifications

    Pro-Ject Connect-it Power 4 & 6way 16A

    INPUT C20 (High Current)
    OUTPUT 4way EU, France-CZ, UK, US
      6way EU, France-CZ, UK, US
    CURRENT (continuous) 16 Ampere for complete power strip
    COLOUR grey
    DIMENSIONS (WHD) 286 x 73 x 53 mm (4-way)
      402 x 73 x 53 mm (6-way)
    WEIGHT 730 g Connect-it Power 4-way
      980 g Connect-it Power 6-way
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