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• Top class 32bit / 384kHz PCM-5102A from BurrBrown  
• XMOS technology for lowest possible jitter levels
• Upsampling to 352.8kHz or 384kHz
• 32bit/384kHz asynchronous USB streaming
• Dedicated driver for USB 2.0 with Windows OS
• 2 selectable filter characteristics
• Ultra linear circuitry
• Extremely low impedance output stage
• Gold-plated RCA line level output sockets
• Faceplate in silver or black

USB Box S+

  • Unrivalled in this price range: 32bit / 384kHz premium quality for advanced USB computer audio!  


    USB Box S+ uses the most advanced features and technologies in USB asynchronous data transfer based on a highend XMOS chipset. Inside is a PCM5102A DAC from Burr-Brown, which is able to deliver very good signal to noise ratio, very good dynamic range, low distortion and very low output im-pedance. USB Box S+ upsamples data on 352.8kHz or 384kHz (44.1kHz, 88.2kHz & 176.4kHz are upsampled on 352.8kHz. 48, 96 & 192kHz are up-sampled on 384kHz). Because of 32bits/384kHz hires-capability of Pro-Ject USB Box S+, all computers, which are using Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems can be used as real HD audio source. Usually Windows OS systems are limited to 24bits/192kHz, therefore computers need proper software play-ers (e.g. Foobar 2000, JRiver Mediacenter) and a dedicated Pro-Ject Box ASIO driver to play hires audio.  

    Compared to conventional 24bits/96kHz DAC technology, USB Box S+ offers lowest possible jitter and up to 20dB lower noise levels. USB Box S+ provides 2.1V rms. Elimination of internal blocking capacitors contributes to an outstanding sound quality. Most of the USB digital-to-analogue converters use connected computers as their power source. This one cable solution seems to be practicable and handsome, but it is an even worse solution by looking at it from the audiofile point of view. All electrical noises from computer power supply are imported into the audio chain. To avoid these imported noises, USB Box S+ comes with a separate power supply which can be upgraded easily by replacing it by a linear power source, like Pro-Ject Audio Systems Power Boxes. This little Box takes USB streaming to another level!  

  • D/A-converter BurrBrown PCM-5102A Multibit Delta Sigma
    Sampling rates 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/352.8/384kHz
    Digital inputs 1x USB B
    Analogue out 1 pair RCA/Cinch
    Output voltage max 2 .1Veff
    Power consumption < 1 watt standby
    Power supply 9V/300mA DC; 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions W x H x D 103 x 36 x 104 (109)mm (incl. sockets)
    Weight 576g without power supply
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