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EliAcoustic Regular Panel 60 Pure use our highly absorbent acoustic foam and is available in different colors (printed surface).

It may seem a very thin panel, but he’s a great acoustic absorber. And if you need more sound absorption we have the version 40mm thick (60.4). Designed to make installation quick and easy. With our mounting adhesive, EliGlue Forte, you can install Regular Panel 60 Pure on brick, concrete, cardboard, wood … in a very fast way. Its geometric design allows the installation of different configurations (vertical-horizontal-diagonal), which will provide an aesthetic finish to the room at the same time improving its acoustics. The absorbent acoustic panel EliAcoustic 60 Regular Pure is especially useful to reduce background noise in restaurants, cafes, offices, libraries, sports pabilions …

[ Pure ] - Regular Panel 60.2

Colors: Blue
    • Two thicknesses 20 and 40 mm
    • Low cost
    • Reduces background noise
    • Quick and easy installation
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