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• Suitable for Pro-Ject Audio Systems amplifier  
• Replaces original "switching" power supplies
• Fast double amplifier power combined with Amp Box RS, Amp Box DS & Stereo Box RS (2x 200/120 Watt 4/8 ohms)
• General distinct sound improvement in dynamics, bass, staggering of soundstage
• Compatible with Amp Box RS, Amp Box RS Mono, Stereo Box RS but also with Amp Box DS or Amp Box DS Mono
• Large Toroidal Transformer with copper screen
• Very low Ausgangsimpdanz
• Condenser capacity 40,000 uF (low ESR type)
• Available in silver or black

Power Box RS Amp

  • Linear power supply for higher efficiency and improves the sound quality significantly!  


    The Power Box RS contains a large toroidal transformer with integrated shielding between primary and secondary Wick-lung. This acts as an isolation transformer and prevents the penetration of interference from the mains power to the amplifier. This Trans Formater has much greater power reserves than the normal power supply. With its low output impedance, combined with large capacitor capacity, the Power Box RS sufficient power for a stereo or two mono power amps available. Note: In order to avoid influences of the strong magnetic field, make power supply and amplifier are not directly above the other on.  

    Each amplifier, including a "digital", sensitive to the quality of the supply voltage. Extensive listening tests have shown that the use of linear power supplies a very positive effect on the sound quality of digital amplifiers. Most manufacturers of high-end audio devices have recognized this. The Power Box RS Amp therefore offers a distinct sound retrieved at a favorable price!  

  • Technical specifications

    Pro-Ject Power Box RS Amp

    input voltage AC 230V / 50Hz IEC C15 connector
      (120V / 60Hz US Version)
    output voltage 2 tray output with 2 x 48V / 2.5A DC
    Output ripple 7mV
    input 600 watts max
    Dimensions W x H x D 206 x 72 x 200 (220) mm (incl. Bushings)
    weight 4.8 kg
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